Hi I’m Kristy Messner, Owner/Operator of Lagom Candle Design. I am a huge essential oil user and diffuser and have been for about 6 years now. Once I got on the oil train I didn’t burn candles anymore because I was always diffusing oils. I missed the coziness and ambiance of lighting a candle but didn’t like the options available and this sent me on a mission to find a cleaner burning, healthier candle so that I would be comfortable with what I’m exposing myself and my family to. I discovered coconut wax and was thrilled that it is a very eco friendly, cleaner burning wax (even compared to soy) and bonus, has a longer burn time and the perfect amount of scent throw. The Swedish word ‘Lagom’ means Not too little, Not too much. Just right. I found this to be the perfect name for our company because it describes our candles perfectly. I hope you enjoy these candles as much as I do!